What is the curiosity approach?


Why the curiosity approach ?

Well for us lockdown made a huge impact on the way we reflected on our setting and practise, we understood that our children were different when they came back and so were we. We found that we had started to look more like a watered down version of school and most things around us were for adult benefit. So we listened to our children found a new way of developing through awe and wonder! 
creating a new passion and spark for the adults here at Woodcroft and the children. We have looked at our environment and are really looking into create a more natural, home like experience, with the use of loose parts, authentic resources, nature and it's about the adults really bringing the world to the children to explore. We want to create children that have their own ability to be thinkers and doers creating little explorers with their own unique and individual way of learning! For us the child is the curriculum and we are there to nuture and support their play ideas, their questions and really giving them the freedom to explore the world around us. 
so you will see China in our setting, you will see hammers, and many other resources that will entrigue our young minds. We will be trying to make the setting as inviting as possible. 

please follow us on social media as you will start to see our journey towards our accreditation. All of us truly have a passion and a spark has been created for this exciting journey! Why not have a look at the magazine above and really get an idea of what we are trying to achieve. 

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