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Welcome to Woodcroft Pre School & Wrap Around Care!

Are you looking for a nursery to care for your child with love and all-round personal attention? Then you've come to the right place! We provide a caring and warm-hearted atmosphere for your child.  Find out more about us and what we have to offer.

All About Woodcroft Pre-school & Wrap Around Care...

Woodcroft Pre School & Wrap Around Care was previously known as Rascals pre school and opened its doors in 1995. We changed our name to Meadowlands Community Childcare and Pre school in 2006. In 2009 the school amalgamated and Woodcroft Pre School & Wrap Around Care was formed.  We are based at Woodcroft primary school, although we are on the school site we are an independant company, however we work closely with Woodcroft Primary School to ensure that all children have the best outcomes. We rent the facilities from Hampshire County Council and we are independently registered with Ofsted and therefore inspected independently. Our nursery provides care for children aged between 3 months and 5 years and our holiday childcare and after school club cater for children up to 12 years of age.                                                                 We accept 15 hours free childcare funding, 30 hours free childcare funding and stretched offer funding. We aim to be a theraputic setting to enable the children to feel happy, secure and thrive within their play and development!                                                                                                                                              The nursery has wheelchair access, a disabled toilet and a wet room. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality care for all children. We liaise with outside agencies such as: consultants, portage and speech and language therapists etc.

We Have News! 

We have been accepted to start The Curiosity Approach. Once we have finished we will have full accreditation for this approach. We cannot wait to start this journey with you all and show you all the exciting learning we will be doing. Change the way we learn and play is key to our children's development. Dont worry we will have more information for you once we get everything. For the mean time follow the approach on Facebook or instagram link 

Our Journey to the Curiosity Approach!

we are on a journey of transformation for our setting and our children. We cannot wait to show you are changes along the way. We are going to be creating awe and wonder using the curiosity approach. Making sure that children learn from an enriched environment full of nature and how things work. We are going to be the people that support our children's learning through play and give them them exciting opportunities for amazing learning and outcomes. Follow us on our Instagram page to see more updates. What this space auto see what treasure we can find!  

Home link with parents/ Carers 

At Woodcroft pre school we like to keep in contact with our families and be able to offer them support where ever possible. We are able to send pictures, information/ updates fun activities, useful ideas for your child's learning and be able to communicate any needs for you child to us and to respond back to you. This has been a really useful tool to create a strong link between families. 

Coming Soon...

Our new Homelink packs to support children with their learning at home...

Fine Motor Skills - Threading 

Help your child to thread the beads onto the string to improve your childs fine motors skills. Threading helps to strengthen the small muscles in your child's hands, this helps to prepare them for writing and to be able to hold onto their writing tools.

Explore and talk about the different shapes, colours and sizes of the beads together.

This is an adult led activity, be careful they dont put the beads into their mouths. Once the child has threaded the beads onto the string , bring them into pre-school to show us their amazing work! 

Fine Motor Skills-Practising writing skills 

Help your child to improve their writing skillsby encouraging them to trace over the dotted lines using a pancil.This will help to build your child's muscles in their hands and will help them to learn to hold a pencil correctly.

Once you have practised your writing skills, come into preschooland show us your brilliant work!

Fine Motor Skills- Scissor Skills

Help your child to improve their cutting skills by encouraging them to have one hand on th epaper and the other hand to cut. As your child does this, they will be building all the tiny muscles in their hands because they will need to continually open and close their hands to grip.


Talk to your child about how to use scissors safely, once you have practised your cutting skills come into pre-school and show us your amazing work! 

Our pre-writing skills Display 

Please come and look at our pre-writing skills display. You will be able to see the different types of grips that are used for different ages and stages of development!

We would also love to put your childs work on display, once they have completed the activities.

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