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Our aim is to provide a safe and happy environment which creates awe and wonder for all children...

We do this by providing children with a combination of The Curiosity Approach and Therapeutic approach. 

This means that we use empathy and nurture to underpin our interactions with our children at the setting.

Firstly, we will establish a connection to the child and secondly to reflect back to the child what they are experiencing.

 i.e.:” I can see you are struggling”

We do not use any form of chastisement as we believe we are able to teach children how to respect ourselves and our environment through learning through play.


 learning through play enables our children to learn the following:


  • To make the leaving of parents/carers a gradual and happy experience
  • To be able to make their needs known, and to trust new adults
  • To mix with other children and to be able to share and play in groups
  • To explore as many aspects of sensory play as possible
  • To extend their use of language and build a wider vocabulary
  • To develop hand/eye co-ordination and physical ability
  • To follow simple instructions
  • To let children be children and enjoy their learning through awe and wonder
  • To gain independence and confidence
  • To give each child an individual experience of a play, letting them experience all aspects of the setting in a safe way with qualified staff
  • Encourage children to take risks and learn from mistakes
  • We are in the process of changing our way of thinking and our environment to follow The Curisoity Approach, using nature and every day items around us, reducing the amount of plastic that what have in the setting and creating a calm environment which will make memories of awe and wonder. We are currently starting an accreditation with The Curisoty Approach as we speak, this will be a long journey but an amazing one for all the families, staff and children involved.
  • we will bring the world to our children and just let them be what they choose to be little explorers! children naturally ask questions, they have a natural urge to explore the world around them and we will support them through their journey 






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