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At Woodcroft Pre-School, we recognise and understand that the first 5 years of a child’s life are the most crucial for brain development. We aim to give the children in our day to day care the best possible experiences to enable them to achieve the greatest outcomes that they can. We focus on teaching all of our children essential life skills to help prepare them for their future.

The sky is not the limit for the little ones that we care for, their imagination is.

To do this, we will provide a safe space where trust and respect is of upmost importance. We pride ourselves on providing a setting full of joy, laughter, happiness, and love where children feel safe from harm.

We value individuality, cultures, religion, family dynamics, gender, race, sex, class and disabilities and we believe that every child and their families should be treated as individuals but given equal opportunities.

We have a dedicated team of passionate, enthusiastic individuals who have extensive knowledge in Early Years Childhood Development and are confident and committed to standing up for the rights of the child.

We believe in standing up for our children and families and we feel strongly that our children deserve more than the current traditional schooling styles that are available.

We aim to offer a nurturing, home from home environment where values and morals are paramount to teaching young minds.

To spark imagination, we will use open-ended resources, loose parts, intelligent resources, and objects from nature to spark curiosity, awe and wonder.

We strive to give our Parents, Carers, and families the confidence, knowledge and understanding of Early Years so that they feel empowered and included. We are all unique and we are all rivers that flow in different directions at different times and different speeds. 

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Woodcroft Pre School

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