Parents are advised to complete an Admissions Form as early as possible, to place their child’s name on the waiting list. Parents are encouraged to visit Woodcroft Pre-school & Wrap Around Care prior to entry, to familiarise their child with the surroundings, meet and observe the staff and children.

Children are admitted into the pre-school in date of birth order if on the waiting list.

You can use the pre-school even if you intend to send your child to another infant or Primary school we feed into Woodcroft Primary school Hart Plain Infant school, Padnell Infant school, Queens  Enclosure, Horndean Infant school, Denmead Infant and Catherington Infant School etc. We do have other children going to schools outside of the area as far as Petersfield and Portsmouth.


We will liaise with your child`s school and pass on the relevant record of Development  to make sure the transition into school is a smooth one. We encourage teachers from the feeder schools to come and see your child in the pre-school. We will inform you of any visits that are arranged.


Stay and play sessions


When your child comes to us for the first time you may both be feeling a little nervous. That is why we offer the stay and play sessions, it gives you time to see what happens in the setting and time for you both to get to know the staff and what happens during the day.

We offer stay and play to all new children and their parent`s, this is something that we have trialled, and it really helps both you and your child. When you are ready to leave your child, you will know that the staff will care for your child and make them feel secure. The key carer can spend time with your child and get to know what they like and don`t like. Whether they have a comforter, can they use the toilet and any words they use for certain things some children come into the setting and have nick names for toys or special items from home. You can stay as many sessions as you like, we don`t charge for sessions where you stay and settle your child. We will work with you to get you both feeling confident and when you are both ready we can arrange a start date.





Legal notice

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Woodcroft Pre School & Wrap Around Care


Registered office

35-37 Woodcroft Lane

Lovedean PO8 9QD


Contact details

Tel: 02392 595869



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Ofsted registered number 



Our childcare provision is Ofsted registered, which means that we are inspected regularly to make sure we  are providing outstanding quality childcare. If you have any concerns you can contact Ofsted direct on 08456 404044.


Woodcroft pre school is a non-profit making organisation relying on close involvement of parents and carers.

We're here for you:


02392 595665




Opening hours

Mon - Fri 7:30am-18:00pm


Please also use our contact form.


Woodcroft Pre School

& Wrap Around Care
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