EYE Funding-     

What is the Early Years Education (EYE) scheme?


2-year-old Funding-


This is available for some 2-year olds whose families are in receipt of certain benefits. If you meet the criteria you are entitled to 15 hours free per week.


 3-4 year old Funding-


Every three and four year old child has an entitlement to free, part-time early years education, if their parents wish:

For 15 hours a week, and for these to be available on a flexible basis to parents;

for 38 weeks in a full year - within the school year. You can also stretch your funding, this means having 11 hours all year inlcuding holidays.


Your child’s count of 570 EYE hours starts the funding period after your child’s 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th birthday.
You cannot claim more than 570 universal hours in any eligibility period across all settings that you attend or 1140 hours in any eligibility period if you are claiming 30 hours (extended 15 hours free entitlement).

If your child attends less hours than are available for EYE in any one funding period you cannot carry forward those hours that have not been claimed into the next funding period.





30 hours Free funding-


Your 30 hour eligibility (extended 15 hours free entitlement) starts the funding period AFTER your eligibility is confirmed by HMRC through your childcare service account. You must secure your first eligibility code by 31 March, 31 August or 31 December. You must reconfirm your eligibility every 12 weeks with HMRC through your childcare service account to confirm you can retain your eligibility.

Apply via-


These can also be stretched hours this means that you would get 22 hours but all year round.






To find out more about this please feel free to call and discuss this with a member of our management team. alternativly click on the button below to be taken to the hants.gov website.



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